Saturday, October 18, 2008

Like An Aspirin

Photo by Stephanie Schaefer, Los Molinos

—Stephanie Schaefer, Los Molinos

That old railroad car full of fine ladies
you hear comin' round the mountain

don't need to toot, not with all them voices
hollerin' together in a rollicking bawdy song.

They're gonna take this town over, boys,
and we won't have a cent left by morning.

When it's all over
we'll be cussin' and kickin' the cat.


—Patricia Wellingham-Jones, Tehama

That's what you get
for parking under the mulberry
windows open
soft seats exposed
First the neighborhood stray
sniffs every crevice
for sign of dog
Then the tortoiseshell
climbs over the left mirror
balances on the door ledge
tumbles in
The black cat
slides down the windshield
peers inside
When you're ready to leave
you beckon me over
Point at three lumps of fur
curled on the seats
Wonder if you can sidle away
with your cargo intact


Thanks to Steph Schaefer and Patricia Wellingham-Jones for winding up our Halloween giveaway about cat poems, and thanks to Steph for the photos! These two poets up-valley get together and "freewrite"; apparently "Cat House on Wheels" was their theme. (I was wondering when somebody would get around to the cat house idea...)


—James Galvin

The little wind I saw curving and lifting
The black mare's mane
Never came this way,
Though I waited, face tilted:
To wind as heliotropic is to sun.

We have to keep our disappointment alive.
We have to sustain our appal, act surprised
That humanity has (again today!)
Failed to evolve away from meanness.
That we ourselves have failed in this.

Invisible earth,
I still can't feel any wind,
Can't feel though I hear cottonwood leaves that hung still
Turn sudden, turn all-at-once,
Like small birds in a flight of small birds, turning,

Like one thing instead of many,
Turn silver side to the wind when it comes,
Shiver and moan when it comes.
O wind, immaculate, that lifts the mane,
Immaculate, that turns the silver leaves,
That bears away the smoke of sacrifice.

The wind, when it finds me, bears no trace
Of sage-sweet horsesmell, no color black,
No softness of muzzle of the
Mare, her mane curving and lifting,
Where she grazes the horizon down to nothing.


—James Galvin

All around me to-ing and fro-ing
In a strapping south wind
Pine boughs lisp their approval
Of moving without moving around, saying,
Shh! This way! Shh! This way!
They contradict each other
By all saying the same thing.

Better to impersonate than to
Personify, when it comes to nature.
Shh! I tell them, This way!
And start walking.


—James Galvin

Where the ditch vaults the river,
Where the wooden flume weeps over,
Paying the way,
Where its veil makes a thin distance
And has no critics but wind-in-willowshade,
My love and I lay down
In seventeen kinds of native grasses.
We took our time.
Some wasps were building
A Japanese lantern in the branches,
The flume kept weeping into the river.
Chilly ditchwater.
Don't worry, little wasps, wooden flume,
I'll be alright gone.


—James Galvin

And then it happened.
Amidst cosmic busting and booming
Gravity snapped,
That galactic rack and pinion.

Trees took off like rockets.
Cemeteries exploded.
The living and the dead
Flew straight up together.

Only up was gone. Up was away.
Earth still spun
As it stalled and drifted darkward,

An aspirin in a glass of water.


Photo by Stephanie Schaefer, Los Molinos


Today's LittleNip:

Language is a cracked kettle on which we beat out tunes for bears to dance to, while all the time we long to move the stars to pity.

—Gustave Flaubert



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