Thursday, October 30, 2008

Godzilla Always Returns

frank andrick and Art Luna

B.L. Kennedy

—B.L. Kennedy, Sacramento

Thursday night at Luna’s Café
I stand out front
The acoustics are better out front

I shoot the shit
With poet Frank Andrick

We talk serious art
The Cure
Patti Smith
Philip Lamantia
Sonic Youth

Some local tries to catch
Our drift and disappears

When he catches the eye
Of some chick seated with Felicia McGee

Our discourse continues
As Kimi Julian takes to stage to read

We talk Arthur Rimbaud, Kenneth Anger
Frank has just given me some bootlegged
Copy of Lucifer Rising

Crawdad Nelson steps outside
He listens and hasn’t any idea
As to what we are talking about?

There is not that much difference between
Picasso and Godzilla

Yeah, says some dip shit seated by
The planter smoking an American Spirit

Godzilla always returns


Join us tonight for La Luna at La Luna!!

October is Sacramento Poetry Month!
Be sure to join us tonight (Thursday, Oct. 30) at 8 PM, when Rattlesnake Press will release not one, but two SpiralChaps to honor and celebrate Art Luna and Luna’s Café in Sacramento, including a new collection of art and poetry from B.L. Kennedy (Luna’s House of Words) and an anthology of Luna’s poets, artists and photographs (La Luna: Poetry Unplugged at Luna’s Café) edited by Frank Andrick. Come travel with our Away Team as we leave the Home of the Snake for a brief road trip/time travel to Luna’s Café, 1414 16th St., Sacramento to celebrate Art Luna and the 13 years of Luna's long-running poetry series. Who knows what auspicious adventures await us there??

Born in the Bronx, educated at Naropa Institute on scholarship (MFA) and at California State University, Sacramento (BA and two MA’s), and honored in the current Who’s Who in America, Bari Kennedy has an extensive list of credits, including numerous scholarships, grants, and awards (including the Danae Poetry Award, Texture Literary Award, SPC Lifetime Achievement Award, and Community Service Award from Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Council, 1989). For the past thirty years, Kennedy has served the Sacramento community by spearheading many poetry readings, fundraisers, and major poetry events in Colorado, Oregon, and Northern California, including the now-famous “World’s Longest Outdoor Poetry Reading” (1986, 1996, 2006), the annual “October in the Railroad Earth: An Annual Tribute to Jack Kerouac” (1980-2004) and the establishment of a special collection of books and other collectibles from Sacramento writers at the University of California at Davis Shields Library Special Collections Department. In 2005, he and Linda Thorell received a grant from the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission to establish The Archives Group, dedicated to preserving the history of Sacramento’s poetry scene on videotape. The results of this collaboration were the documentary film, I Began to Speak.

B.L. is currently both Reviewer-in-Residence and Interviewer-in-Residence for Rattlesnake Review, where his poetry and picture-poems have also appeared, plus two previous poetry/art collections and the on-going series of collected interviews of NorCal poets, Conversations. He continues to co-host Poetry Unplugged at Luna’s Café in Sacramento, as well as his annual “Tribute to d.a. levy”. For further information and poems, see his page on (under “SnakeRings SpiralChaps”). And watch for “B.L.’s Drive-Bys”, his weekly micro-reviews on the Rattlesnake Press blog, “Medusa’s Kitchen” (

This latest collection of Bari's is all about Luna's. It's a very personal take that consists of poetry and art pieces about his long experience there as a host, reader and listener. Together with frank's broader anthology (La Luna), B.L.'s Luna's House of Words will give you an insightful, irreverent view of what goes on at 1414 16th St. in Sacramento every Thursday night.

frank andrick: A Sac-Franciscan experimental mythologist whose work spans poetry, prose, story writing and telling. A Poet who loves mixing it up w/ music and movies while still holding the solo voice high. frank is the producer and host of “The Pomo Literati”, a two-hour spoken word program broadcast on KUSF San Francisco which features live reading performances, contemporary recordings, and archival rarities from pre-beat to post-modern. He also co-hosts Poetry Unplugged @ Luna's, an open mic, featured-reader series, which was Sacramento News & Reviews’ People’s Choice for Best Open Mic Venue. frank creates word-driven, multi-media events and poetry/performance tours. He is the author of Soluna, a collection of his poems and prose, and two littlesnake broadside from Rattlesnake Press: AOL (Aurelia Occultica Lamantia) and Home is Where You Hang Your Wings. He is preparing his next manuscript for publication, entitled Mandorla. Google him ...he loves it!!

For the past nine years, frank (and others) have been collecting poems and art work from readers at Luna's Cafe, the site of the long-running Poetry Unplugged series which was begun 13 years ago by Joe Montoya. Finally, the fruits of all their labors will see print (thanks to frank's fine editing) in the form of La Luna: Poetry Unplugged at Luna's Cafe (including some poetry and photography from Innkeep Art Luna, who did the cover shot!)—a dual-tribute to Art Luna, Luna's Cafe, and all the readers there, past, present and future.

Both La Luna and Luna's House of Words will be available tonight ($8 each) at Luna's, starting tomorrow at The Book Collector, and (soon) at Or, heck, send me $10 and I'll mail ya one (P.O. Box 762, Pollock Pines, CA 95726). [Note "Sarah Palinism" (heck)...]


(inspired by Mono Lake
the eastern Sierras)
—Art Luna, Sacramento

We walk the rim of fire and ice

Lava slathered land

Glacier carved Earth Mother

I watch the flow hot and wet

I taste you


B.L. Kennedy


Today's LittleNip:

pass the thesaurus
lord im hungry
little puddles of
on my Webster salad

—d.a. levy



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