PLACATING THE GORGON: Inner Workings of the Kitchen

Send your poetry all over the world!

Here's how Medusa's Kitchen is laid out: 

At the very top of Medusa, you'll find a list of fuschia inner links you can click on for information on readings, workshops, publishing and publications—all sorts of updates on Inner NorCal goings-on—as well as Calliope's Closet for inspiration, and Medusa Mulls for what that cranky old battle-ax has up her sleeve. 

The Daily Diary is the cream-colored box on the left side of the Home page. This is cream because of its color and because every day we feature the Cream of the Crop—all those wonderful poems and art pieces that are sent to us by creators from Northern California and beyond, together with announcements and Today's LittleNip (food for the poetic soul). Send us your eager work and we shall broadcast it to the world.

The Bulletin Board (skinny green and blue boxes on the right side of the blog) moves from the general down to the specific: the green box has our "housekeeping" announcements and our weekly departments such as the Seed of the Week

The blue box starts with area readings and other most current announcements; keep scrolling down past these, past what's new at Sac. Poetry Center, down to Bob in the Weeds for Sac PL news, past direct links to some online journals (local and otherwise) to keep you busy, past our Classifieds section, then to Poet-to-Poet for individual poets' blogs, etc. Then move on to more than 100 Hot Links: groups, journals and other links to all sorts of fun stuff in our sizzlin' poetry community (Snake does like his juice!). Don't be shy, either, about sending us your URL, or letting us know where you're being posted online. The bottom of the blue box is reserved for thisnthat, and then we have Ticklers in the Bigger Blue Box at Medusa's very bottom—silly ways to clear out your brain.

•••Find previous work that has been posted on MK by going to the yellow search bar, tip-top upper left of the Home page, and type in what you want to find.
•••Find previous posts by clicking "Older Posts" at the bottom of each day's (cream-colored) post, or click on any of the Archived posts called "Medusa's Rap Sheet" below the Hot Links on the b-board.

Our Medusa lives to serve the NorCal poetry community; think of it as a group effort. We all have so much to share—join in the fray!

Here's how to send stuff to MK:

•••No cover letter/bio/simul-subs, but prev-pubs OK (cite publication); email Do mark it for Medusa, please. If you absolutely HAVE to send me poems by snail, write and ask for an address.
•••Any number of poems is okay; no need to stick to the usual 3-5, and send stuff as often as you'd like.
•••Send photos and art, too, plus events/announcements/links/journal news and guidelines. (NorCal poets/publishers: send news of releases and release parties!) Poet-phernalia, in other words. Take a look at Medusa's Bulletin Board (the long, skinny blue column on the right); send us whatever fits—or even what doesn't...
•••Turn-around time is very, very short. I usually respond within a day or two (if I don't, please write and ask if I got it!). Work will most likely be posted within a week or so, unless you send me a whole bunch of poems or photos, in which case they may be spread out over time. And almost all styles and content are welcome; we are an equal-opportunity publisher. Watch out for poems that are too long, though, like pages and pages and pages, or political or religious rants, or stuff that's too racy... Medusa does like her juice, so to speak, but we don't want to get linked to too many porno sites. And I can't guarantee that I'll let you know the exact day your work will appear; you'll have to keep an eye out for yourself.
•••BE SURE, though, that whatever you send Medusa is in its final form. We post the FIRST version you send; we can't be keeping track of revisions.
•••MK primarily publicizes the NorCal poetry community, but all poets are welcome here, whatever their locale. Please do include your city, though, if I don't know you. We like to say where people are from, far or near.
•••Check on Tuesdays for our Seed of the Week (SOW). What triggers a poem in you? A stray word, a shocking scene, something that evokes a memory? Our SOWs are intended to, hopefully, inspire a poem in you the way something in "real life" does. Come up with poems, photos and art (loosely, very loosely) based on our SOWs and send 'em to (No deadlines; save those seeds for later if you want, when Calliope gets ornery and hides under the bed.) And watch for the occasional give-away! And of course your poems don't have to be based on the SOW; the seeds are just there to get you going if you feel stuck.
•••And yes, you will see the occasional poetry form in the Kitchen, offered either as a feast for the eye or as a SOW. (See our Forms to Fiddle With each week in the green box.) We're among those "form-geeks" who believe that forms can be good for the ear and good for the pen, even if you never intend to publish one or even tell anybody you've practiced them. (We won't squeal on ya, we promise!)


Medusa encourages poets of all ilk and ages to send their POETRY, PHOTOS and ART, as well as REVIEWS, RESOURCES and announcements of Northern California poetry events, to for posting on this daily Snake blog. Rights remain with the poets. Previously-published poems are okay for Medusa’s Kitchen, as long as you own the rights. (Please cite publication.) Medusa cannot vouch for the moral fiber of other publications, contests, etc. that she lists, however, so submit to them at your own risk. For more info about the Snake Empire, click    CARPE VIPERIDAE—Seize the Snake!