Thursday, May 19, 2022

Looking For Old Sun, New Risen

—Poetry and Visuals by Smith 
(Steven B. Smith), Cleveland, OH

Bluebells and forget-me-nots
old sun new risen
goldfinch glow
Bingo Debbie

The low body hum
of caffeine and cannabis
before dawn
Human Consumption

Unknown water
dripping off known roof
tapping at sill

What does it want?

Heat rises
cold creeps
people lie

You got yr bear
you got yr butterfly
you got yr Pope in the would

Bone dance
birth to death
before and after

The silence that's not silence
knows yes from no
knows quicksand of maybe
abyss of never
the endless of now

I go from room to room
time follows
Beatnik Tea

are burning books in Texas
killing folk in Tennessee

Dark things
Stop Lynching

In dim light
as evening evens day and night
silence thick with signal
distant traffic
burbling fish tank
clocks ticking
sleeping dog's dream barks
and the ever-present slow hiss of reality
ringing in my ears

Be careful what you don't say
it might define you
The possibilities are endless
depends who's looking when
or where
it's a joke
a circus
and I'm the clown

I can say my way
quite cleverly
but you wouldn't want to be me
though strangely enough
I do
Super Awesome

Today’s LittleNip:

Such beauty surrounds
yet I stare at the ground
looking for dog shit



Smith is visiting us today with his usual music and color, and we thank him for his many postings across the years, even as “dark things/grow/fester”. We do indeed need to lift our eyes up from the ground once in a while. And be careful what you
don’t say . . .

Poetry in Davis has a reading tonight. Click on the UPCOMING POETRY EVENTS page at the top of this column for all the skinny.

And we are all saddened to learn that Sacramento painter/musician/songwriter/CSUS teacher Esteban Villa passed away on May 15. For information about his life, go to



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