Thursday, January 13, 2022

Riders of Skyrockets, Divers of Sea

—Public Domain Photos Courtesy of Joseph Nolan, Stockton, CA

The Merry Bombadils Chapter of the 
Missouri State Poetry Society presents 
7 poems of 7 different five-line poetry forms, 
a chapter project for 2021.


You left
for western shores
so far from Midwest plains
to settle in bewilderment
—Teresa Klepac


clear blue sky except for
a silverfish-sized, rumbling airplane
early in summer’s
cool morning.

—Pat Laster

    Rhymed Quintet

Beneath dark clouds gathering
a sparrow walks, shivering,
circling in the mud of winter—
his wing a broken splinter.
He’s unable to fly into spring.

—Carol Louise Moon


Clarity roams about,
a cloud on the horizon filled with
doubt and impending illumination
while one saunters through
the gloom of uncertainty.

—Teresa Klepac


A circus clown felt gravely ill
And decided to make out his will
He doesn’t have much
Some gag props and such
But he’ll sure leave some big shoes to fill

—Harold Asner


five clones of Full Flush
the celebrity sire of
30,000 calves
    can you imagine working
    as a bull-semen broker?

—Pat Laster


    5-Word Phrase Poem

Now              and not later
Learn            to pause and reflect
From             your life’s work.
Your              duties will always be there.
Mistakes    can be overcome.
—Marie Asner


Today’s LittleNip:

Poetry is a puppet-show, where riders of skyrockets and divers of sea fathoms gossip about the sixth sense and the fourth dimension.

—Carl Sandburg


—Medusa, with our thanks to Placerville's Carol Louise Moon for gathering together these Missouri writers who have written poems in five-line forms. We hope these poets will come back and share more of their work with us in the near future! Our flower photos suggest that Spring is closer than you think—I already have paperwhites in my yard.


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