Sunday, July 10, 2016

Weather of the Heart

Annie Menebroker
—Photo by Katy Brown

—Ann Menebroker

    (for P.W.  for saving this poem
     out of its season)

The day seems absurdly large.
There are piles of colored leaves
dancing on the ground.  The
lowered sky makes everything
flat.  It is cold and wet.  A
huge tree limb snaps
and falls to the sidewalk.  Squirrels
run up the trunks of liquid-
ambars.  They have buried
the future and have
short memories.  Every
heart that beats out rhythms
of love weathers whatever
storms rule the season.  All
the clocks of the world could
stop without changing one
location or direction of our
journey.  We are all and every-
thing we have.  We hold
the lessons of time
in the moment.

(Sent out as a Christmas message, c. 2000; pub. in Small Crimes of the Heart by Ann Menebroker, 
Rattlesnake Press, 2008)


Poets and lovers of poetry everywhere will be saddened to know that Ann (Annie) Menebroker passed away yesterday (Saturday, July 9). She was a fine, fine poet and a lovely woman with a twinkle in her eye, and she will be greatly missed. Godspeed, Annie!