Monday, January 13, 2020

Playing President With a Tri-Sliced Pie

—Anonymous Pie Photos

Early years filled with now.
Control reigns supreme.
No thoughts of tomorrow.
Life is my oyster.
Living the dream.

Children grown.
Few decisions now.
Tomorrow is here.
Can’t chew oysters anymore.
Remembering the dream.

Too busy to notice the years fly by.
Too oblivious to note declining abilities.
Too few tomorrows now.
Two oysters minced in broth.
Dreams fading.

A song repeats in my mind.
“Those were the days, my friend—
I thought would never end.”
Tomorrow is yesterday now.
Scattered memories float untethered.


—Caschwa, Sacramento, CA

Consuelo and Libby,
each with widely different
views and opinions, were
looking for a new home

after a really long search
they finally settled on one
pick that appeared to please
everyone involved

but early on Libby thought
she smelled a small gas
leak and conveyed her
concerns to all who would

Libby was roundly ignored
while Consuelo concentrated
on enlarging the fences and
installing state of the ancient
arts security features

until one day the gas leak
was more pronounced,
caused a bit of an uproar
inside the home, and even
began to trigger Consuelo’s
elaborate alarm system

Libby would not consent to
being torn asunder by a gas
explosion, and threatened to
bring charges against Consuelo
if he didn’t fix things right

Consuelo responded by launching
a multi-media attack on Libby
accusing her of bad faith,
bad breath, and everything else

Libby hired lawyers and brought
the charges, while Consuelo hired
clowns who made fun of Libby and
her “sham” charges

This may never end…

 Apollo 11 Moon Landing Pie


when one walks into
a bar and expects too much
it’s set up that way

drown misery with
cheap wine poured by cheap women
dressed in no more than

colorful tattoos
accompanied by groups of
heavyset bikers

watching you, waiting
for the least excuse to brawl
and leave you broken

down on the floor, with
your deflated self-esteem
and much-bruised ego

looking up at those
same women now pouring wine
for some other chap

who’d stolen your smile
to shine all over the place!
that’s enough, check please 

 Eye Pie: Here’s Pie in Yer Eye!


when you punch a time clock,
work less than full time so they
don’t have to provide benefits
and you know any mistake of any
size could result in your immediate

while top management gets big
salaries, all benefits, perks,
bonuses, and are actually part of a
regular program that recognizes the
long-term outcome of making mistakes
as being progress for the company,
which they kindly reward with an even
larger compensation package



when one realizes that the whole
“trickle down economy” concept
was derived from the age-old mire
of tradition which held that divine
royalty would grace loyal subjects
with special favors

and wasn’t that part of what we
had hoped to put behind us when
we won the revolution and drafted
our own Constitution? 


(following the expression “too
unbelievable” by James Lee
Jobe, Medusa’s Kitchen,
January 11, 2020)

Hark, the sound of a fanfare!
derived from medieval military roots
but now replacing bold knights on
horseback with an even bolder,
enhanced, graphics presentation of

a teasing, excessively sugary exterior
proceeds to smother us with too much
this and too much that, building a nice
cookie sandwich between “too
unbelievable” and “too undeniable”

and we just can’t resist taking giant
bites of that sweet cookie to swallow
whole, whipped topping and all, leaving
our unappeased appetites howling for

 Tri-Sliced Potato Pie
Let's See—Which slice is too big?

—Joseph Nolan

I came upon a pie,
And wondered
If the slice
Was too
Big for me,

But since it sat
So lovingly
Upon a windowsill,
Neglected, and free,

And I,
Being so desperately
Indebted to my hunger,

I took the tri-sliced
Pie asunder
And tasted its
Tasty wonder!


—Joseph Nolan

I shall build a grand-old castle
One brick at a time
And when I’ve built my castle,
My life will be so fine!

To protect my stately castle,
I shall dig a moat,
Fill it up with crocodiles,
Which I shall feed with goats.

I’ll toss them off of parapets
As I sit and drink my wine
And summon up some minstrels
To play old songs, divine.

Oh! what a happy time
It’ll be,
When I’ve built my castle,
And I’m a royal majesty!

 A square pie?  Impossible!

—Joseph Nolan

On the church
There was a steeple.
Inside, were lots
Of people.

And a preacher
Gave a sermon
As if
They were
Still learnin’.

On Saturdays,
Came the bride
With a groom
Along her side.

And they went
Forth to multiply
As well as they
Were able,
Like horses
In their stables.

And the factory,
In town, supplied
Jobs and goods,

To all who wished
To labor, there,
And spend their lives
With paychecks, spare,
Just enough
To survive. 

 Mummy Pie

—Joseph Nolan

The pear tree
Blushes in yellow,
The green glade
In gold,
When March
Brings to life
Early Spring.

The peach tree
Blushes in orange
And also in red,
As does the apple tree.

The pomegranate blushes

Each in its own way
Give light to our day
When each is
In its own season!

Today’s LittleNip:

—Joseph Nolan

Random rules of disorder
Are being established
By a guy with
Really bad hair.

Why should we care?
If Johnny
Shoots Billy
At school one day,
He might simply say,
“I was just playing President!”


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—Medusa, still trying to figure out which piece of pie is too big. A girl does have to watch her figure ~

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