Friday, September 13, 2019

What's in the Cards?


—W.S. Merwin (1927-2019)
In the cards and at the bend in the road
we never saw you
in the womb and in the crossfire
in the numbers
whatever you had your hand in
which was everything
we were told never to put
our faith in you
to bow to you humbly after all
because in the end there was nothing
else we could do
but not to believe in you

still we might coax you with pebbles
kept warm in the hand
or coins or the relics
of vanished animals
observances rituals
not binding upon you
who make no promises
we might do such things only
not to neglect you
and risk your disfavor
oh you who are never the same
who are secret as the day when it comes
you whom we explain
as often as we can
without understanding


Today’s LittleNip:

Now all of my teachers are dead except silence.

—W.S. Merwin


Best of luck to you on this Friday the 13th, one of those rare times when the date coincides with a full moon. For 13 more fun facts about Friday the 13th, see

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—Medusa, celebrating poetry and luck of all kinds…

 W.S. Merwin
—Photo by Mark Valentine

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