Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Everything in Time

Blue Apple
—Painting by Steve Denehan, Kildare, Ireland
—Poems by Steve Denehan


One morning I looked in the mirror and
I was no longer there
I contorted my face
as if that could help
I waved
nothing waved back
light-headedness rose behind my eyes like water
I walked into my bedroom and sat on my unmade bed
the mattress was flat
the dent, my dent, was gone

I hauled myself up and walked to the kitchen
I noticed that I was now absent from every photograph
a seat came up and caught me
minutes passed and I sat, unable to move
I thought I saw my reflection in a window
but it was a robin, landing on a fencepost
I stared at it and it stared back
I believed it stared back
I swear that it stared back
it flew away

 Canal Bridge


Walls can move
they can close in on people
cutting them off
replacing their air
with claustrophobia

my walls don’t close in
they move away
far away
leaving only empty space behind them



New Year’s Eve.  The worst night of the year.
Twinkling lights, clinking glasses.
I don’t care.
It is hot and there are too many people.
My face finally rebels and will no longer smile.
My laugh, despite my efforts, is hollow.
We count down and bells ring.
One day becomes another.
Everything changes.
Everything stays the same.
Duty done I take advantage of the noise and slip away.
I emerge into a side street, dark, cold and quiet.
I smile at the falling snow.
Before walking away, I close my eyes and look upward.
The snow falls on my face.
Each flake on my cheek a cold kiss unrealised.

 Robin's Gate


The world
so vast
it spins
sometimes too slowly

my world
though small
it spins
more quickly in your orbit



before you
I put my shoulder against the world
and pushed again
there were cracks, creaks

Then, there you were
I do not remember the first moment I saw you
or our first words together
I only remember
that you were there
were here
that everything was different
and I was a raindrop running down your face

—Painting by Robin Denehan, Kildare, Ireland


Her beauty had fallen from her like dust
it lay on the front and shoulders of her navy velvet coat
she seemed dressed for a different occasion
maybe she cared for me once
now, to care for herself
was beyond her
her eyes, fearful and empty
her hair, white water spun into a ball
pull the pin and it flowed down her back
for a moment, it was alive and then
like her, it was still



I purchase a train ticket from a lady with a red dress
with time
I discover that my apple is rotten
only after my third bite
with time
I see the blood on my six-year-old knee before
I feel the pain
I notice tears in my father’s eyes as he tries to refuse my gift
I lose a little of myself to a job I hate
trampolining I fly for just a moment
with time
I find impossible love in rockpools
under her fingernails
freewheeling down sunny hills faster than the wind
we are time
time comes and takes and gives and never cares
in time


Today’s LittleNip:

—Steve Denehan

Hot black rubber on yellow dirt
the car, filled with everyone I have ever known
voices loud.  So many.  Noise.
I push them aside and hear only the dirt, the dust,
crunch beneath us.


Our new SnakePal Steve Denehan from The Emerald Isle is back with us today with some more of his fine poetry, and he has also sent some photos of his daughter, Robin. About the photos, he says, “One is of Robin and our cat, Boots, walking toward the Bog Of Allen which is the biggest bog in Ireland and is located just behind our home [see below]. One is of Robin painting a gate at our house. The last one is a painting of Robin's that she did a little while back.” And then, of course, there's the fine artwork
that Steve himself did. Thanks, Steve (and Robin!).

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 Robin and Boots at the Bog of Allen
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