Thursday, April 13, 2017

Mayflower Breeze

Ocean West Drive (Silkscreen, 1974)
—Poems by B.Z. Niditch, Brookline, MA
—Artwork by Helen Frankenthaler (1928-2011)


Amid the rocks
and sand on the beach

the trees reached out
after the storm hid me

in the Mayflower

glowing in the
sun shower.

 Blue Atmosphere, 1963


This time against
the water and ibis

from Pigeon Cove
to the harbor of waters

flowing out of the mouth
of breezes blowing off the shore

paths of knowing the intense
love of nature.

 Mountains and Sea, 1962


At the paintings
Jacob's Ladder

and Mountains
and the Sea

the surging ocean
in the rudder’s tides

you navigate
your oils

in painted spirals
from whirlpools of motion.

 Jacob's Ladder, 1957


Locked in cabin fever
becoming a believer

first in sorrow and sadness
then in tomorrow's madness

then in despair
was I upon my bed

John Clare
lived in dread.

 Cloud Burst, 2002


I feel your
long suffering

in a pure soul
that sought for justice

as a fearless cloud
being assured

another will take
your hand.

 The Human Edge, 1967


to the process

of deciphering news
with banner headlines

behind unmasking

asking for a manner
of what you choose

to believe the press
by asking questions

demanding answers
the public will still

in private lose in views
to testify with intelligence

as they spy to impress
and we the public

confess to a chance crisis
of surveillance only to guess.


Today’s LittleNip:

—B.Z. Niditch

When there are
war clouds in the air

pray for peace
do not despair

be aware of life
not of strife

your mind's thoughts
are beyond compare.


Many thanks to B.Z. Niditch for his fine poems today!

National Poetry Month continues throughout April; frank andrick sent a link to Tweetspeak and its poetry coloring book for National Poetry Month: Tweetspeak is a fun site for poets, including poetry prompts, poem-a-day, and lots of articles. Check it out at


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