Thursday, March 02, 2017

Stompin' at the Savoy

Savoy Hotel
—Anonymous Photo


Your scat mind
is racing with jazz
bebop's emotion
cannot stop
its poet-riffs
as you interweave
and deposit a lotion
as if in a crucible of romance
in raw emotion
even the boy
in the Savoy corner
is able to dance on stage
making us believe
we are all in a locomotion
of a love connection
to chat and engage.



Their feathers are left
over the roof corridors
near the weather vane
in the cleft of a nest
after their bird flight
in the anonymous sky
this February
illuminating my hope
for an early spring
here at first light
taking care
of a neighbor's sheep dog
in my soundproof studio
living with jazz nostalgia
playing riffs on my tenor sax
in my poetry underground
waking up from sleep
watching hopscotch
and soccer players
in the breathless breeze
surround the park
in the field of Oak trees
as we make our way
for a bog turtle rescue
still in the dark.

 Bog Turtle (Anonoymous Photo)


You recognized him
in his disguise
at the Café Zola
he was playing
the part of
Alfred Dreyfus
in another century's scam
returning from
Devil's Island
that very nearly cost
him his aging life and honor
in his epitaph
when the politics
of prejudice and jealousy
transfixes even
the stage of every art
with disconsolate strife
in a language of the just
emoting with shame and rage
at his engaging part
yet as the actor leaves
the restaurant corridors
he is politely asked
without regret
for his autograph
name and signature
on the program notes
even from the jet set.



You played a recording
of Bach Inventions
on April Fool's Day
we knew it was Glenn Gould
by the intonation and tone
as his pure proclamation
on the piano
only he could convey.

 Roger Williams
—Drypoint Etching by Arthur W. Heintzelman, 1936


When you slander or deface
another's house of worship
especially in Rhode Island
it sums up what is lost
as humanity
slips from the human race
we may still hear Roger Williams’
voice speaking for tolerance
in this veneer of a reprimand
which sums up prejudice
in its sheer disgrace.



Having a standing room
the door opens
for an engaged Beat
poet who enters
delivering a line
with confidence
in a form of balances
from an impression
of celebrating
anti-words and anti-worlds
between high evenings
and slow breathing
rapping to high jack
the voices of realities
soaring to the apparitions
to pivot as time slips
away of symbols
of sources in wellsprings
in apparitions off-camera
punching back
all grievances.


Today’s LittleNip:


In the woods
a fawn searching for a pond
looking as a country sprite
notices a jogger running
over and beyond
the river with a love letter
to deliver.


Our thanks to B.Z. Niditch for this Thursday inspiration, as we cruise on into March! To learn more about Roger Williams and his founding of and peacemaking efforts in Rhode Island, go to To hear Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong’s version of "Stompin’ at the Savoy" (with wonderful photos), go to

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Fawn Searching for a Pond (Anonymous Photo)
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