Sunday, November 13, 2016

Tender Like a Rainbow

—Photo by Martin Stranka (b. 1984)

—Philippe Soupault

Night jostles her stars

It rains sand and cotton

It is so hot

but silence weaves sighs

and the glory of summer

Signals a little bit everywhere

of heated crimes

of people who'll overthrow thrones

and a great light

in the West

and the East

tender like a rainbow

It's noon now

All the bells answer


Waiting deaf

like a great animal

Gets its limbs out of all four corners

it advances its claws

the shadows and the beams

The sky will fall on our heads

Wind is expected

That today has to be blue

like a flag

( Johannes Beilharz)



For more about French surrealist poet Philippe Soupault, see last Friday’s Medusa's Kitchen post. For more about Czech photographer Martin Stranka, see

 Able to Love
—Photo by Martin Stranka

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