Sunday, September 11, 2016

Dodging the Gamekeeper

Alice at the Teaparty


—Loch Henson, Diamond Springs, CA

I browse through tomes of

poetry on pages both paper

and digital, tracking the scent

of an elegant phrase to 


Surely the Gamekeeper

of Words, armed with a dictionary, 

will forgive the occasional
trespass and petty theft that

poets are prone to.

The grassy plains of imagination

are flammable, as are the forests

of thought and memory, and

we writers are known
to carry matches.

The black market for our prized

wares is robust…surely the wild

game tastes the best…and we

dodge the occasional manhunt with

a shrug when cornered:

“I’m just a poet!”


—Medusa, with thanks to Loch Henson for dodging the Gamekeeper today! If you're in Antioch today, drop in at the Valona Deli to hear Sacramento's Mary Mackey read, plus Bill Maher and open mic, 3-5pm!

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