Sunday, August 21, 2016

Loss of Habitat

(Anonymous Photo)

—Michael Ceraolo, Willoughby Hills, OH

A house on the East Side
where eleven women had been murdered
and the smell of death had been blamed
on the sausage factory next door,
a house on the West Side
where three women had been kept
as sex slaves for a decade;
                                         both razed
as though the evil were in the houses themselves
and not in the respective residents
who committed the crimes
all the materials destroyed rather than re-used
in order to prevent souvenir hunters)

A former movie theater first converted
to storefronts with apartments above,
now converted to a grassy lot,
another theater converted to a parking lot

A house in the suburbs razed to make way
for a pocket-sized park and garden

And many others,
                           a too-lengthy list,
for no other reason than that someone
(or several someones)
decided they should be gone,
                                            those someones
sometimes looking to make a name for themselves
and always ignoring the truism
that the greenest house is the one
that is already built,
                              and not caring
that demolishing homes that are structurally sound
when many people are homeless
has little or no justification,
as a ritual sacrifice
to the god of property values


—Medusa, with thanks to Michael Ceraolo for this poignant poem about lost homes and other habitats, including his own.

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