Sunday, April 05, 2015

Now to Love


—James Lee Jobe, Davis, CA
        now to bury the dead while the soil is soft and the grief is strong, to shovel them under and to say the words of god and heaven and life everlasting, world without end, amen.

        now to dream and hope and plan and pray and work and build and do and be.

        now to breathe the cool air of quiet midnight under the bone moon, the sound of darkness, the pull of emptiness, the power of being alive and alone, the power of still feeling the strength inside of the body.

        now to love; someone, anyone, everyone, to embrace another soul, another body, to speak and to listen, to hold and be held, to share it all, every last thing, the day, the night, the slow years and the fast ones, to grow, to become more fully yourself while accepting each other.

        now to speak the brazen truth, to stand tall in the face of the blatant lies and the cruel hatred, to say no as fiercely and severely as your bravest yes, to cast down the liars and the fast-talkers, to refuse to back down to that which is false or evil.

        now to wade out into the river, to let the current take you, to just relax and go limp, to go under to another world, a water world, life, death, suffering, release, bliss, to float and be free, the darkness first and then the light.

        now to climb out on the muddy bank and hold your arms up to the sky and give thanks, to praise, to be fully present in this body and on this earth, all while still wet and dripping.

         now to close your eyes and let your soul rise up from your body, up through the sky, up through the clouds, out into space and through the milky way, to let your soul move on other dimensions where you are the light and the light is you, free, true.


—Medusa, with thanks to James Lee for today's poem, and wishing you an Easter season where "you are the light and the light is you, free, true."