Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Staying Hungry

Annie and Beth
—Poems and Photos by Loch Henson, Diamond Springs, CA


Staying hungry while you write
may lead to some interesting

That’s why poetry comes
before breakfast in my house.

The not-so-subtle charms of
pancakes and bacon aside, the
temptation to evade your own
insight grows stronger as a morning

In those pre-dawn quiet hours,
while my partner and the dogs are
still taking turns snoring, I come to my muse
with open hands and ask
for one more favor.



A nest built of

   lichen and spider webs

sits, sculpted and holding

together on a branch

   just well enough

to host baby hummingbirds.

Home is a

   delicate concept,

meant to be held together

   just well enough

to host and raise young.

When examined

   closely, the gossamer

threads seem so easily 


It is not a false

   comfort offered the baby bird.

How else does one

   cultivate the will to fly?



I come by it honestly,

my affinity for blue.

It’s a birthright.

Tahoe’s shades, from

smutty to cerulean,

informed my early imagination.

Where I used to call home

is now where I get to visit

on ‘special’ occasions,

few and far between, and

short…unsatisfying, but

adequate in the absence of

the deepest hues of my 

most preferred shade elsewhere.

Twilight skies, and cobalt

specimens aside, there are

so few opportunities to bask

in the lush loveliness of

the proper blue.

 Lake Tahoe

NEWS AT 11:00

Sneaking sips of
"the good air"
is not enough for us.

We, who falter at
intersections, aware
of the power of

turn our backs
to the polluted tides
and struggle to swim
against the current.

Vintage dispositions
disguising radical urges,
we capture with words
and dreams
and paintings

the colorful contrast to
the shadow side of
brightened, whitened
(bleached, parched)
News at 11:00.



Hungry ghosts push my shopping cart.

I don’t know what to feed them to

make them be quiet and go away.

The smoky burn of scotch…single malt, please…

Incense (sage and cedar)

a wee nip of pomegranate juice, or 

perhaps some peppered chocolate?

Tobacco, or spices?

What will appease them today?

What will lay their noisy chorus to rest?

It’s not the goods they want; it’s the

attention.  No wine can pass skeletal

jaws and be tasted; no smoke can be

scented or savored with lungs that are

themselves in dust.

They envy the juice of life that we

still retain, ours by birth, but on borrowed time.

So lift the glass,

   light the candle,
     burn the incense

         and lay the chocolate on your tongue,

lest someday you join the chorus and

become just another hungry ghost.


Today's LittleNip:


You are cordially invited

to make full use of your

remarkable intuition,

your unique perspective,

and your charged enthusiasm.

“How?” you ask…I’m glad

you asked.

It doesn’t matter.

Work where you work.

Play at things that

make you happy.


Do these often.

Shine as bright as you dare.

The world needs you,

now as much as ever,

to accept the invitation you

were given at birth…to


RSVP daily.


Loch Henson is an El Dorado County native, born and raised in South Lake Tahoe. She currently works as a bookkeeper to support her horse and alpaca habits. Exploring the threads of thoughts and emotions within poetry is a persistent fascination, and she is becoming more active in sharing her work with others, including some of the many poetry groups in Placerville.‬

Loch writes: The photo below is of me and my horse, Willie. ‪Willie is an excellent therapy horse, and in my other day job, I do Equine Assisted Therapy (animal-assisted psychotherapy for people, with horses on the treatment team). ‬And then ‪it took three years to make the decision to jump in, but I did finally did get to adopt alpacas. They've been with us coming on two years: "The Girls" are Annie, Pumpkin and Beth. We also have a llama named Dolly.  ‬

Welcome to the Kitchen table, Loch, and don't be a stranger!


Willie and Loch