Sunday, September 08, 2013

These Dreams

Some of Us Are Stars
—Photo by Katy Brown, Davis

—D.R. Wagner, Locke

Joy that follows music.
Joy that waits for us when we walk
Alone by ourselves of an afternoon.
Joy that is brought by the newborn
As a gift to all who greet them.
Joy that sweeps over us as we, once again,
Meet our old friends on the road we walk.
Joy in seeing the stars open the great holes
In the sky and greet the full moon in her rising.
Joy that sparks through our bodies when we
Hear the poetry of the day, the sound of our souls
Singing for all they are worth day after blessed day.

Have these joys upon you and do not
Keep them to yourselves but give them
As birds give their songs to all who pass.
For it is in joy that we find the dance,
The words to the song, the great sails
That carry our imagination higher than
The tallest masts of sailing ships,
Let us mount the heavens and exclaim
The beauty of the earth.

We may well be dreaming all that surrounds
Us and still joy will come to us and join as
At this table even as we fly through these dreams,
As we kiss one another full upon the mouth
Knowing this is our life we are living and it
Shall not come again or still another dream.