Friday, April 19, 2013

Life & Poetry

—Photo by Richard Hansen

—Richard Hansen, Sacramento

Where she’zat? I have no idea
but here I stand at
this intimate little gathering
munching on a snack glass in hand as
the conversation progresses
to something relating to them
It’s happening.
Their small groups
with ease
engaging in repartee that’s
     happy and pleasing
Comfort and Balance:
     the social foundation
exclusively contagious
with the strength of equilibrium
So uh
forget them
just turned out that way
No Wait!  Nobody knows my history
things have changed
Stay calm
everything will be OK
whip out the cell phone pretend to be busy
go to the bathroom
make sure I’m combed and tucked in anyway
put the toilet seat down
stand by the counter
smile and glance around
Listen to the banter
get one more snack
and refill my glass
reach way over there for a napkin
giggle and laugh at
a humorous statement made in that conversation
I’m sure they heard me
so then maybe
something would be offered
to alleviate the awkwardness
I’m a member of the rest of us
Yah know this would’ve bothered me
when I hated myself
Can yah invite me in with a question
if you’re a girl
I won’t try to mate or anything
I’ve been known to be quite entertaining
with humorous anecdotes and lines of poetry
but then
I guess that’s that
perhaps later we can chat
for now I’ll
pet the cat then wash my hands again
find-a-towel-on-the-counter-by-the-radio THAT
Dries Everything
Just Fine
Oh man that’s nice
Then sit in a big chair
away from the chatter
in a vacant room where
it fucking doesn’t matter!
the art on the walls I absolutely adore!
it’s not even staring
like it would be if it was a floor
And lookit this place
with such high ceilings
hardwood floors
     there’s no creaking!
it's thick and solid and highly polished
reverberates the sound
people talking

 —Photo by Richard Hansen

—Richard Hansen

Whether tiz fair t’middlin'
Excruciatingly wonderful beyond all dreams of what most think is possible
Life and Poetry
Judged subjectively
When a poet takes his or her work seriously?!?
It's not foolhardy because they’re “crazy”
It’s not a “dare”
It just happens because they’re convinced they got something worthy
No One loves a poet’s poem
More than
The poet who wrote it probably
The poet who wrote it knows it
They don’t get butt hurt
Publishers fuck up because
It happens
The time

 —Photo by Richard Hansen

—Richard Hansen

…then the couch, the bed, the shower
until the hour
drilling for oil
seven days away in Buttonwillow California
My heart was smitten
My mind at bay
messages on the phone said
“Please come home right away”
To the African plain
where the cutest little gazelle
has her head down
tail flicks
for no particular reason
   a big powerful lion layin’ in waiting
I am so close!
I can smell her nose!
hear teeth chewing
tender green shoots
They must taste great!
Her eyes are rolled back too!
Spring and Chase!!
It’s already too late!
Run her down!
Ha haaa!!
Smack her to the ground
Her hair is balled up in my fist
Teeth sink into an outstretched neck
I’m buried between her hips
“Should I fuck you or eat you?!!!”

“Hmm, let see…
what do we got here… uh… mm…
golly I dunno yet”

Jimbo, the Buh-Best Dog in the World
—Photo by Richard Hansen

—Richard Hansen

What would I do without my Boo Boo?
WHAT WOULD I DO WITHOUT MY buh'buh'buh'buh'buh'buh Booo! Boooo!!!
I'd be sad
way beyond mad
I'd call out "You Hoo!"
"Where are you Boo Boo?"
If I couldn't find him
I'd book the next flight to China
because that's where hoodlumz
always try to hide him
follow spots of slobber
out from the airport
But stop at McDonald's
for a double quarter pounder
in downtown Bay Zhing
get my super secret agent things
then pick up the trial again
of faces with amazement on them!!


Today's LittleNip:

(for Charlotte)
—Lytton Bell, Sacramento

To be afraid of the dark
you first need to believe
it has more power than you do
How could it?

I myself am afraid for the dark
I see how its edges curl and shrink back
from your disliking as if burned
How it craves to be near you

And see how the darkness is afraid for itself
how it does not wish to be banished or feared
but lays itself over you like a blanket
to tuck you in

I think it must love you as much as I do
and waits till you are sleeping
then presses in close to the warm light
that glows in you no matter where you are


—Medusa, with thanks to Richard Hansen and Lytton Bell for today's savory Kitchen fare. Lytton will be reading with Poetica Erotica at Luna's Cafe this coming Thursday, April 25, at 8pm. Scroll down to the blue box (below the green box) at the right of this for details.

—Photo by Richard Hansen