Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mysteries Afoot

Goddess danced
Goddess danced
Her everlasting dance
Bangles, beads
Went spinning from her skirts
Off they flew
Into the fecund dark
Growing there
Planted in fields of night
Stars, planets
And you, my Love, and me


Lightning without thunder
Just north of dawn
Lightning without thunder
While the owl swims
Above the streetlamps
On silent wings

Going home
Teased his way through a head of fog and over the saddle of Mount San Bruno, irradiated the broadcast towers and threw the quarried slopes above Brisbane into high relief.
Blew the smoke of picklegrass and dodder, cattails and tules across Grizzly Bay where the elk still thrive, and wandered east (O, Lord) to get stuck in Lodi again.
Baked the rosemary at my feet where I got off the bus, flowering blue and indomitable and sent me back to my Mother's kitchen where homemade spaghetti sauce bubbles on the stove.


Devil's interval howling
Benighted freight train
Confuddled my mind's ear
Sworn I heard fog horns
Certain I smelled madeleines

And so
And so
The dragon looks fiery
Daggers at the blind giant
A silent explosion lights
The southern horizon
Leaves will tumble
Dawn will come
Mysteries afoot
And so I am


Today's LittleNip(s):

Fog swims up from the river dripping silence and drowns the distant world.

The foghorns moan like a sextet of lost and lovelorn bassoonists trying to find one another in a darkened concert hall.


—Medusa, with thanks to Robert Lee Haycock of Antioch for today's poems and pix! (The photos may be made larger by clicking on them.)