Friday, June 08, 2012

A River of Crows

Tiny House in Forestville
—Photo by Cynthia Linville

—Cynthia Linville, Sacramento

"I could be bounded in a nutshell, and count myself a king of infinite space.” 
                                —Hamlet, Act II, scene ii

My next bloody heart shouts
“Don’t look!”
near your nothing
with galloping feeling—
no, like that
shouts bitter beat
up beat, down beat
beat up, beat down.
Playing go to bed
out before no
through the dark glass
in the car with us
entangled evidence
mocked by Jesus
because I’ll let him.

* * *

Because I’ll let him
playing go to bed
no, like that,
entangled evidence.
Beat up, beat down
up beat, down beat
shouts bitter beat
with galloping feeling.
Near your nothing
my next bloody heart shouts out
before . . . no
mocked by Jesus
in the car with us
through the dark glass.

* * *

Through the dark glass
entangled evidence
“Don’t look!”
Mocked by Jesus
in the car with us
out before
no beat
up beat down shouts
bitter beat
up beat, down
beat—no, like that.
Playing go to bed
near your nothing
with galloping feeling
my next bloody heart shouts—
because I’ll let him.


—Cynthia Linville

A river of crows
swoops over these bones.
Another reflected smoky rain
hands me paradise.
(I will always want more.)
He says,
remember the ring.
Knots are untangling everything,
hushed noises leaking,
no matter how unseen.

* * *
No matter how unseen,
everything he says
swoops over these bones.
A river of crows hands me paradise.
(I will always want.)
More smoky rain,
another reflected,
hushed noises leaking.
Remember the ring.
Knots are untangling.

* * *
Knots are untangling smoky rain.
He says,  Everything
swoops over these bones.
(I will.)
Always want more.
Another, reflected,
hands me paradise.
Hushed noises
leaking remember—
the ring,
a river of crows—
no matter how unseen.

Not-so-Still Waters at Jenner
—Photo by Cynthia Linville

Belinda Vickery
—Michael Cluff, Corona

It must have been
the brown pinstriped suit
or the new brown belt
with the heavy steel buckle
but he was ripe
and I picked him.

All night we exchanged
insights into Dante's Inferno
and the use of stonewalling methods
in upper New York.

Yet when he removed
his yellow with thin blue
striped necktie,
the talk remained the same
repartee, concerning Richard Nixon
and Dolly Parton,
rued the continuation
of that pallid evening
in late May.


Justin Bamburger
—Michael Cluff

Her forest cabin was so damn hot
I could not keep my clothes on
that is, the less personal ones
the outer shells of wool
and silk and steel.

The yellow long-sleeved dress shirt
and brown tassled loafers
stayed aloof and untouched
while bon mots on Wordsworth, Beyoncé,
William Watson and Artaud
flooded the heavy air ripe with ...
intellectual possibilities.


Jim Raymond
—Michael Cluff

The prospect of being nice
does appeal to me
but carrying it out
will not work.

I want to say "no"
and have an adjective
in front that starts
with "f", "s" or "q";
"x" is not an option.
I want to take a leak
in half-hidden public places
instead of holding it in
a bit too long

I wish to wear pocketless
sweat pants to work
instead of a three-piece suit
with watch fob
each and every ridiculous day.

And instead of being the student shooter
I hope
ever briefly
in the sad imaginary world
of putting out a small pistol
from a gartered dress sock
next to the heavy medallioned wingtip shoes
and shooting up the place
with silly string and red water
for a refreshing, temporary
change of habit.


—Caschwa, Sacramento

Giselda Splattbladder (64)
Fell off a ten-foot ladder
Yesterday at 9:15 AM while alone
In her 3-story out of townhouse

The mother of 4, grandmother of 7,
Was looking for 2 antiques in her attic
As gifts for her eldest son’s 35th birthday
Just 3 days away

She was on the top rung
With both hands fully occupied
When one of her 3 phones rang 12 times
As she checked every one of 9 pockets

Phone found, she managed to dial 911
And first responders arrived in 25 minutes
To rush her to the hospital, 16 miles away
To mend her 4 broken ribs

She may need a second mortgage
To cover the $37,500.00 medical expenses
Plus bills unpaid by her third husband
Whom she had known since fourth grade

Story continued on Page J49… 


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Today's LittleNip:


which have now gently stirred.
Was it my breath? 
Was it the ripple-effect movement
of my steps through green grass?
Was it this latent power within me
to destroy peace within the universe?
Or am I the pebble that rolled
down the slick lining
of this little pond,
stirring the waters—
shaking God's faith in me.

—Carol Louise Moon, Sacramento



 Blue Bottles in the Forest
at Forestville, CA
—Photo by Cynthia Linville