Saturday, June 25, 2011

Making Marmalade

Ariel Giacobbe

—Ariel Giacobbe, El Dorado Hills

the sound of the rustling breeze
the feel of the wind through my hair
the whisper of the grass bowing to the earth
the roar of the waves crashing into the shore
the shadow of the dark and clouded sky
the chill of my feet hitting the cold sand

the way you move so carefully
the grace of the your strong hands
the intensity of your stare
the touch that makes me melt
the kiss you place on my wet lips
the curve of your smile meant only for me

the lingering tingle you leave on my skin
the way my knees buckle when you’re here
the loving arms that wrap me up as I fall
the icy waters that swallow us up in a second
the salt that burns my eyes as I look at you
the smoothness of your skin

the moment I freeze as you hold me in your embrace
the gasp as we emerge for a breath of air
the sharpness of the outside world as we rise
the brightness away from the depths
the awareness of each shiver up my spine
the warmth of being here against you

the comfort of knowing where you are
the smell the ocean against your bare chest
the way you hold me that lets me know I’m safe
the knowledge that this is forever
the power of knowing you’re near
the strength you lend me to battle the day

the beat of your heart against mine
the sensation of the sand against my back
the image of your hair falling into your eyes
the picture of the perfect day
the pressure of your body on mine
the pounding of my heart getting faster

the ringing in my ears when you move an inch away
the slant of your body as you move with me
the heat of your hands tangled with mine
the beauty of the way you are
the passion of our love
the joyful feeling of living for a moment

the sorrow for the end of the day
the anticipation to know many more await
the stretch of forever before us
the understanding that we’ll face it all together
the never-ending shores of the beach
the endless love of you and me


Thanks, Ariel, who writes: I am twenty years old, and currently working on a degree in Creative Writing. My dream has always been to become a published author, and I love writing poetry, as well as fiction, short stories, screenplays, novels, lyrics, and much more. I have completed one novel, which I am seeking to get published, and I am almost finished co-authoring a second novel with my boyfriend. Most of my free time is spent writing, reading, or making up stories with my little sister.


—Ariel Giacobbe

There have been some days passed in wisdom
and others in disgrace.
Each day has seemed harder to overcome,
leaving me wanting nothing more than to leave this place.
At times it feels as though I’m numb-
yet all these days I manage to keep sight of my true face.

There have been some days overtaken by war
when I know I won’t live if I don’t try.
All I can do is hold on and wait to see what’s in store
because it’s too early now to say goodbye.
Whatever I do it feels has though everyone still wants more-
yet all these days I hold tight to my will so I have the strength left to defy.

There have been some days blanketed in sorrow,
throwing me face down into ground.
But I crawl on with my dreams of tomorrow,
following the whispers of the life I hope can be found.
Many continue to plead for me to steal and borrow-
yet all these days I make sure I never turn around.


—Ariel Giacobbe

Stretching little arms out straight
Soft, warm sleeves of a puffy pink jacket
Eyes peeking out over a violet scarf
Leaping into a mound of fluffy white
Flakes gliding silently down
Blowing balls of foggy cold
Sharp taste of lingering peppermint
Lights poke through the trees
Signaling Christmas is here


—Ariel Giacobbe

she was so beautiful
hair cascaded down her back
golden waves dancing in the sun
eyes sparkled like crystals
time slowed down
cheeks so pink and flushed
music notes slipped from her mouth
I couldn’t help but stare
it was hard to breathe
the world faded into the background
all I could see was her
like nothing I’d ever seen before
her every movement made my heart pound louder
my legs gave out beneath me
she rushed to my side
her eyes filled with concern
her hand resting on my arm
as I looked into her eyes I knew
I knew exactly what to do
our lips brushed
our hands touched
and in that moment I knew
it’d be more than enough


—Ariel Giacobbe

glassy surface
silver pools of light
the glow of an invisible sun
ripples make their way farther and farther out
her long golden hair
spinning around her like a halo
as she floats immobile
her eyes shut as she sleeps
long blue dress as pale as her snow white skin
fingers clamped so tightly around a tiny flower
its pink petals as smooth as silk
her crimson lips
red with the blood of her last kiss


—Ariel Giacobbe

quietly skim the surface
softly state your purpose
words floating up like a melody
endlessly filling up you and me

sitting on the last step
waiting for me to digest and accept
throwing your guitar over your shoulder
telling me this has yet to be over

starting your trip on the highway
taking off your hat at the end of each day
walking in one constant direction
towards a part of town far from this section

beating a song out on your knee
dreaming of the life that could be
sighing each time you think of something sweet
frowning as you’re handed each receipt

singing for a large crowd
hearing the music pound fast and loud
smiling as you watch the audience cheer
whispering that you’ll soon be here

watching the seconds tick
imagining you in my reflection is a trick
thinking of you passes the time
closing my eyes to listen to the wind chime

turning around as I hear a bang
catching the noise of the screen door clang
suddenly you’re right in front of my eyes
never could I have imagined this day held such a surprise

swinging me in your arms
telling me there’s no need for alarm
letting me know what has occurred
asking you if your dream is to what you refer

whispering you’ve made it so far
joyfully talking about how you’ve become a star
promising me you have taken care of everything
smiling as I listen to you sing

gasping as I see the house you’ve bought for us
laughing as you make each detail such a fuss
snuggling into the life you’ve created
tilting my head as you watch fixated

lying down as I wait for the result
watching you pacing as the doctors consult
being informed of the little time left
holding you as your cries awaken even the deaf

sadly looking at you beneath the sheet
listening to your story of how there is nothing love can’t defeat
nodding as I pretend to believe the words you say
kissing you on the lips as I fade slowly away


Today's LittleNip: 

I got the blues thinking of the future, so I left off and made some marmalade. It's amazing how it cheers one up to shred oranges and scrub the floor.

—D.H. Lawrence



 —Photo by D.R. Wagner