Friday, March 25, 2011

Google Me Up, Boyfriend!

Photo by Jane Blue, Sacramento

—Robin Gale Odam, Sacramento

love actually lives—is causing chaos
love like woe—children sing it
love me if you dare—the dare of dares
love never fails—love or bread
love poems—short and long
love quotes emotions
love quotes life
love quotes—you know it’s love when...
love remains
love song—about falling
love song—write you one
love the way you lie
love under cover—thoughtful and compelling
love verse—love vs lust
love words—abstract
love xanga quotes—love him no matter what you say
love yourself
love your love the most
love you forever
love zen—the tao of love, passion, internet sacred text


Thanks to Jane Blue for the beautiful photo to brighten up this gnarly weather-week, and to today's other contributors. We're still talking about "found"/found on Google poems—or anything else, for that matter. (We poets can't be responsible for what the Muse insists upon...)

Two items of note: You may've noticed Olga Browne's Pleiades poems in yesterday's post. Here's an open invitation to anyone interested in writing Pleiades (the 7-line, same-cap-letter-starting-each-line poems) to join a new circle forming with Olga, Carol Louise Moon, Janet Pantoja and others, called the Moon and Stars Pleiades Circle. They'll write Pleiades and send them through the mail to each other for critique, advancing the cause of Pleiades through-out the world. E-mail Carol Louise at if you want to join.

Second, Kim Rosen, author of Saved by a Poem: The Transformative Power of Words from Hay House, will be presenting a poetry concert on Friday, April 29 (7-9pm) and a workshop in Davis on Sat., April 30 (10am-6pm) at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Davis, 27074 Patwin Rd., Davis. Fee of $95 includes both; $75 for students w/ID and sr. 62 and over. $10 discount for reg. postmarked by Apr. 15. Space is limited to 20; Allegra Silberstein thinks there are only a few spaces left. Info/reg: contact Kirk Ridgeway (530-231-5679) or; click on "Programs" then "Saved by a Poem.pdf" For more about Karen Rosen, go to


—Taylor Graham, Placerville

I can quit worrying
I can breathe
I can eat ice cream
I can understand evolution
I can log in
I can find the attachment
I can dance
I can go-go
I can pay everything off
I can hear a thrush
I can look for the golden compass
I can write


—Taylor Graham

island uncharted
island for a shipwreck
island of migratory birds
island with one piece of paper
island paradise
island not yet privately owned
island of endless horizon
island of 52 moons
island of logic slipping to absurd
island of few choices
island without language
island of talking tides
island of infinite words


Today's LittleNip: 

—Robin Gale Odam

riding in silence
staring into separate dreams
words too far away
or too close
it used to be different 

—Photo by Robin Gale Odam



Congrats to Taylor Graham and family for the addition of three spring lambs: Tsuni, daughter of Sophie (born the day of the tsunami); Speckles (daughter of Freckles) and Ms. Rivet (daughter of Rosy).