Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Taking Care

Oak Leaves
Photo by Katy Brown, Davis

—Joyce Odam, Sacramento

“Take care,” you said.
So I took Care
with me all day,
all through the traffic
and the offices,
all through the
and aggravations.
I took Care
like a charm
and everywhere I went
I was safe
because of your blessing.

(First published in My Legacy, Nov. 1991)

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—Joyce Odam

“Do you think the clams
have diamonds in them?”

“Of course.
These are clams
brought from the river at night
when the wind came and
would not let us stay.

We shall unfold them later.
We are not yet poor enough."

(From Frog Perspective, Mini-Chap by Joyce Odam)


—Joyce Odam

(Based on
Discernment, Mixed Media by Mary Burke King)

Whatever speaks. Whatever listens.
The blessing between.
Extended. Received.

There is a moment.
Closed eyes open.

Mute voice finds word.
Gesture means.
A frail stillness is what is.

So is motion. One builds on the other.
Call this power.

Look through the presence you call ghost
as it flows through you.
Now you are one.

Even here, separation
will exist.
The longing toward the unobtainable.


—Joyce Odam

I am gold. Midas has praised me.
He wanted me held to his eye.
I posed and he touched me.

He tried to hold me. I was only gold.
His eye has gotten enough of me.
To no avail—I am what he favored,
forever of this value, but he is not happy.

He weeps and he cannot wipe his tears.
They are too heavy for his sadness,
but he keeps on weeping. Poor Midas,
hating me now for his weeping.
How can I melt myself to console him?

(First Published in Whole Notes)


—Joyce Odam

I belong to you now,
you with your kindness,
saving my worthless life,

pulling me from the edge
to show me level ground—
no dreamless fall.

How can I thank you—
with my love?
Okay then,

with my love.
I will surround,

and measure you in love.
How will you
ever be able to be rid of me?


Today's LittleNip:

—Joyce Odam

These trees, upside-down in a
tremble of water—drowning sky—
what has happened to this world.



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Palms behind Joyce Odam's house
Photo by Katy Brown