Saturday, September 18, 2010

Easier Made Than Kept

Stone Wall, Cumbria
Photo by Katy Brown, Davis

beginning @ the end
—Dawn DiBartolo, Citrus Heights

“language is a translation of grace…
tethered to conviction, one says moon, one emotion…”
~ Noah Eli Gordon

and the beginning
was the end;
distended promises
were easier made
than kept.

indebted to the dream,
we let go the frayed rope,
severed the tether and
coasted into separate bloom.

after all, life
is a seed
worth sowing and
promise is just a ‘ho.


Thanks, Dawn (and Katy)! In addition to this weekend’s poetry readings, Fall festivals abound! The Chicken Festival and the Teddy Bears’ Picnic have nothing to do with poetry per se, but as I’ve said before, getting out into the world of sights and sounds and smells (and wee tots) can stimulate the Muse, sometimes—especially when the weather is oh-so-fine.

The following three announcements have just come to my attention; two of them have to do with bears—which aren’t so cute when you live in the hills and they rummage through your garbage, having their own picnic… Apple season is in full swing up here in Camino and thereabouts (they had their own bear visit last week, and he was a big’un). While you’re in the hills stocking up on all things apple, check out the Teddy Bears’ Picnic (today!), then swing by Books ‘n’ Bears for their monthly read-around; this month’s theme is “First Love”. More info on the b-board, of course:

•••Sat. (9/18), 11am-3pm: 12th Annual Teddy Bears' Picnic at Rainbow Orchards, 2569 Larsen Dr., Camino, sponsored by Lane Florence LLC, Rainbow Orchards and Rotary Club to benefit Family Connections El Dorado. Free admission. Games, entertainment, petting zoo, Teddy Bears' Parade, bounce house, face painting, Gift Basket Raffle, Meal Deals on food; all-access wristbands, $5.

•••3rd Sat., 3pm: Poetic License meets at Books 'n' Bears, 6211-A Main St., El Dorado. Bring poems or come to listen. Monthly themes. Info: 530-621-1766.

•••Sat. (9/18), 12-2:30pm: Behind the Story: Author Thoughts at the Salida Regional Library, Stanislaus County Library. Meet local authors of many genres (including Stanislaus poets Sam Pierstorff and Gillian Wegener) and hear them speak about their books and how they got started writing.


poetry without hops
—Dawn DiBartolo

I keep expecting
a poem to just
jump out at me,
grab me by the hand
and pen in eloquence
the depths of my soul

yet I cannot write
that the sleepy summer silence
was all that greeted me
in the stuffy halls
of my awakening this morning

I cannot write
that traffic buzzed a cacophonous
ruckus so that I rolled up
my windows to better hear
the songs I didn’t know
playing on the radio

I cannot write
that August has betrayed me,
betrayed us all and left us
to the long shadows of autumn
way before our time

I cannot write
that boredom and tedium
have switched strategy
and, rather than abandoned to word,
I am prey to madness.


to love Cain
—Dawn DiBartolo

I am Cain.

and even before the blood,
I am Able.

“you know your place…”
a vacuous phrase

that means “don’t ask”
but assume

beyond what is actually said.
wounding, yes

but within the mark,
I am able

to love Cain.


a poem
—Dawn DiBartolo

when something
moves you,

dissect it ~
find the heart;

interject illusion,
or voyage

at a whim ~
words become

this being
of its own skin.


Today's LittleNip:

—Patricia A. Pashby, Sacramento

Ah, solitude
piercing the heart.



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