Thursday, February 18, 2010

Even the Stars are Frail

Bee and Cherry Blossoms
Photo by Katy Brown, Davis

—Myrna Scott

I had fresh strawberries today
their redolence preceded my tongue,
there was a light spring shower
a few minutes ago
now a night bird sings,
the moon lights the clouds
like pieces of dreams
and in the forest rhododendrons bloom,
yesterday I saw their pink joy
and tomorrow I'll walk to the sea,
it is the season that cradles five senses.


Yesterday I was in Sac environs and marveled at the springiness of the weather: warm and sunny, trees in bloom already, oxalis in full yellow, trees starting to leaf. Hence this week, in addition to our Seed of the Week: Locks, we're talking about spring. Thanks to Katy Brown for some beautiful visuals on the subject, all taken recently around here.

Tonight, be sure to pop over to Luna's Cafe (1414 16th St., Sacramento) for the release of Rattlesnake Press's free quarterly, WTF #5—poetry from Poetry Unplugged and friends, edited by frank andrick. Also featuring Gene Bloom (excerpts from entrails) and Baby Grand, plus open mic before and after. Gene is reprinting his journal from long ago, entrails, and I got to see a preview yesterday. This is a wonderful historical document that includes such marvels as Charles Bukowski and D.r. (yes, little r in those days) Wagner poems on facing pages. All for $8, with a color cover! Get 'em before they sell out!

Also tonight:

Andy Jones writes: I’m writing to let you know that we have altered the schedule for Bistro 33 Poetry Night in Davis; for now, our reading series will be split between two locations, and on different days of the week, and at a new, earlier time.

There was no Poetry Night last night at Bistro 33. Instead, the next event in our series will take place tonight/Thursday night, the 18th of February, 8 PM, at the John Natsoulas Gallery at 521 First Street on the corner of First and E Sts. in Davis. The poetry series will feature poets and fiction writers whose work appears in the latest edition of Nameless Magazine, the undergraduate journal of creative writing at UC Davis. Editors and contributors to Nameless have won a number of prizes recently, including first and second prizes in the Pamela Maus contest. This event will feature Brad Henderson as host, as well as free food and drink, and live music. The Open Mic will begin at about 9 PM. Brad and I (Andy Jones) extend our thanks to the staff of the John Natsoulas Gallery for welcoming half the events of our ongoing reading series.

The Facebook site for this event tomorrow is Add yourself!

Expect Poetry Night events every first Wednesday of the month to be at the Bistro at 8 PM (ribald storyteller John Boe joins us on March 3), and every third Thursday of the month at 8 PM at the John Natsoulas Gallery. Despite the shifting days and locations, we hope that you will continue to come to support and enjoy the work of local and traveling poets on Poetry Night!

For more on Nameless Magazine, see


—Myrna Scott

the winding road leads to the sea
I walk there among the wildflowers,
poppies, purple lupine, mustard, wild radish—
they are as beautiful as starshine
though by summer they'll be gone,
but even the stars are frail.
in our polluted cities, you cannot find them.


—Myrna Scott

The fragrance of acacia blossom
Hovers in the air,
Come with me.

The sun has warmed the green meadow
And the larks are singing,
Talk with me.

The elm leaves are red and gold
Rain falls cold against my cheek,
Hold my hand.

The snow bends the pine limbs.
There is a blaze in the fireplace,
Stay with me.


—Myrna Scott

following the sea northward
through green fields where cattle graze
clouds give way to the sun
and the wild rhododendrons
are lavishly pink at the roadside,
spring speaks in many tongues
including cherished memories,
you and I came up this coast
when we were very young—
so much has changed
but not the voice of spring,
let me not be bitter
as I listen once again.


Today's LittleNip:

—Myrna Scott

I walk to the sea.
the first spring leaves
are on the willow branches
along the edge of the creek
the grass in the meadow
is a luminous green,
soon the wild flowers will bloom.
changes. changes in me.
like the tender leaves
I will try again to love my enemies.

Cherry Blossoms
Photo by Katy Brown