Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Who DOES Shuffle Those Cards?

—Tom Goff, Carmichael

In the house of cards
we carded the wool
we pulled over the eye
that saw to eye
both seen by four eyes
that said yea or nay
as they watched the pot
that refused to boil
except when steeping
the potboilers
that made the day
of the paperback writer
who kissed Eleanor Rigby
of Rigby, Thigby, and Higby
who ran the firm
that advised the realtor
of three little piggies
who told them to build
as there was a great future
in sticks or straw
which the wolf blew down
so they settled as one
not in dingy red bricks
but our house of cards
that Jack knocked over
slipping not so nimble
but quick on a slick
if bright green patch
of four-leaf clover
bringing the wolf
to our no longer door...


—Taylor Graham, Placerville

Roof and ceiling muffle the sound
of weather, of rain changing
overnight to snow,
a woosh like owl wings in the dark.

Roof and ceiling a scant
canopy between home and what hangs
overhead, the great oaks bowing
under a dark weight of snow.

Roof and walls are playing-
cards the weather shuffles, as we lie
imagining the sound of ceiling
opening to the dark of sky.


—Mitz Sackman, Murphys

This house of cards
It's falling down
But I built it with such care
This myth of my life

A myth soft-pedaling my mistakes
Inevitable as they are
Surely I can soft toe
My way through
This new minefield once again

This house of cars
It's falling down
But I built it with such care
This myth of my life

Change is the nature of life
But some days it catches me by surprise
I race to catch the tumbling cards
Guess I will just have to wait
Until life finishes with this deal

This house of cards
It's falling down
But I built it with such care
This myth of my life

See if my luck will change
With a new draw
This house of cards
I'll build carefully again


—Richard Zimmer

Their life is a movie...
two actors playing a part...
he...the King...
she the Queen of Hearts.

At times, lives got entangled,
like in a web...
but webs can be broken...
they'd find a way out.

Love grew with laughter...
sometimes with tears...
for things sought after,
they struggled for years.

How does this end...
this life of pretend?
It's like a long-lasting drama...
played over and over again.


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Today's LittleNip:

but for their voices
the herons would disappear—
this morning's snow




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