Sunday, November 08, 2009

Finding Home

Photo by D.R. Wagner

—James Lee Jobe, Davis

No eternal reward will forgive us now
for wasting the dawn.

—Jim Morrison

The world and time
mark the distance
from me to you.
Oh, so far! An ocean,
several hard years,
and half of a language
lie between us.
I'm landlocked and awful,
and I've left many pieces
of myself behind. They mark
a trail to my past. I'd bridge
this distance, if I could,
with earth and slate,
and just as like as not,
with poetry and a soft dream.
There's an ocean
to be dealt with,
but it could turn out
that I am just strong enough
to swim. Time and the world
will join us on the day
when I climb up wet
from the sea, the dank air
smelling pleasant with salt,
our reaching arms
finding home at last.