Friday, April 24, 2009

A Day to Wear

Dewell H. Byrd

—Dewell H. Byrd, Eureka

Old moon rubs cue dust

on the church steeple,
lays a shimmering beam

across the flight of a night heron:
silent hunter.

Patient fishing bird poised

in mid-stride

stares unblinking

into a minnow's eye,
waits, ignores

the sound of trucks in caravan
that rip the night
like glaciers calving,

across the belly

of the bay.

Blue moon on black beak,
ivory streaks of wear.

Fish frozen in terror.

Late snack

by moonlight.


Thanks, Dewell! Dewell H. Byrd is a retired public school administrator living where California's beautiful north coast meets the mighty redwood forest. He has been writing poetry for six years and has published two books: Moments in Time and Reflections of the Heart; the latter is available via Trafford Press (online at He has been named California Senior Citizen Poet Laureate by Angels Without Wings Foundation FY 2004, 2006, 2008. Dewell's poems have been published in The Aurorean, Tiger's Eye, Mid-America Review, Prairie Schooner, Sage Trail, Poetalk and a variety of other journals. He is a proud contributor of every issue of Rattlesnake Review.


—Dewell H. Byrd

Everyone hushed about the house;
family, friends, neighbors

as if speaking above a whisper
might awaken him.

Cold wind whined under watery skies,
whispered through clapboard cracks.

Small children sought safety
in the corner behind the Franklin stove.

Preacher brought a wooden box, black book.
Everybody wore clean clothes, shiny shoes.

Folks brought Sunday food, hugs, tears,
muffled voices, songs soft and low.

Years have softened the images,
soothed the hurt in my heart.

David became seven forever
that gray November day.


This weekend in NorCal poetry:

•••Friday (4/24), 7-9 PM: Barnes & Noble (Sunrise Boulevard in Citrus Heights) open mic as part of their "Turn Off" week. Margaret Bell writes: I would like to cast the net wide and get a lot of poets from a 50-mile radius to come and share their poems. They could use the event as an opportunity, not only to read their poems, but to advertise their own poetry activities and open mic opportunities. I just received confirmation that a truly wonderful guitarist will play some background. He is going to play softly behind one of the poems I intend to read and asked me to send him a copy of the poem so he can prepare for it. He can play behind one of your poems if you want him to do so. Just send me a copy of the poem. I will forward it to him, with your request that he play.

•••Friday (4/24), 8:30-10:30 PM: TheBlackOut poetry series at Sacramento’s new and hot smokin' word venue inside the Upper Level VIP Lounge every 3rd and 4th Friday. $5.00. Located inside of Fitness Systems Heathclub, by Cal State Skating Rink, 26 Massie Ct., Sacramento, 916-681-2555. (Exit Mack Road East to Stockton Blvd and then make a left on Massie right past Motel 6.) This week features Chris Jones, Felicia McGee and DeLaire Doyle, plus open mic. Info: 916-208-Poet or

•••Saturday (4/25), 7-9 PM: The Show Poetry Series features Eldridge Batiste, Ike Torres & the Jimmy James Acoustic Guitar Experience, with live band LSB and house singer Chris J. $5.00. Wo’se Community Center, 2863 35th St., (off 35th & Broadway), Sacramento. Info: 916-208-Poet or

•••Saturday (4/25), 7:30 PM: 17th Annual Listening to the Wild at the Center for the Arts in Grass Valley. The theme this year is Harmony/Disharmony. Poetry, prose, film and music featuring local and regional artists. Tickets are available at Center for the Arts, 314 Main St., Grass Valley. $10-12. Info: 530-274-8384.

•••Sunday (4/26), 11 AM-12:45 PM: El Camino Poets meet on the fourth Sunday at the Hart Senior Center, 27th and J Sts., Sacramento. Please bring 8 copies of your poem to be critiqued. There will be no El Camino Poets in May.

•••Sunday (4/26), 1-5 PM: The second annual Marin Poetry Festival will feature Kay Ryan and Jack Hirschman (among others) and will take place at the Bay Model Visitor’s Center, 2001 Bridgeway, Sausalito. This will be an amazing event for poetry, with Kay Ryan, Jack Hirschfield Agneta Falk, Clive Matson, Sharon Doubiago, Robert Flynn DeSilver and many other poets and performance artists—plus the chance to buy local poets’ books, and even an open mike. Music by Avoteja and Ian Dogole, Kirk Lumpkin and the Word-Music Continuum and Owen Davis and Steve Shain. No charge, but a $5 donation is requested. This event sold out last year, so plan to come early! Sponsored by Marin Poetry Center, The Rebound Bookstore of San Rafael, Book Passage of Corte Madera, and Army Corps of Engineers Bay Delta Model. Info: 415-382-8022 or

•••Monday (4/27), 7:30 PM: Sacramento Poetry Center presents Lucy Corin and Danny Romero, HQ for the Arts, 1719 25th St., Sacramento. Lucy Corin is a fiction writer. Her work has appeared in journals including Ploughshares, The Southern Review, Conjunctions, and Fiction International and in anthologies such as Algonquin's New Stories from the South: The Year's Best (1997 and 2003), and The Iowa Anthology of Innovative Narrative. Her novel, Everyday Psychokillers: A History for Girls was published by FC2 in 2004. She was a Walter E. Dakin fellow at the Sewanee Writers' Conference in 2006. Her latest book, The Entire Predicament, was published in 2007.

Danny Romero was born and raised in Los Angeles. He has degrees from University of California, Berkeley (BA, 1988) and Temple University (MA, 1993) in Philadelphia, where he taught writing (part-time) for many years. Romero’s poetry and short fiction have been published in literary journals throughout the country, including Colorado Review, Drumvoices Revue, Green Mountains Review, Paterson Literary Review, Pembroke Magazine, and Ploughshares. His work can also be found in such anthologies as West of the West: Imagining California (1989), Pieces of the Heart: New Chicano Fiction (1993), Under the Fifth Sun: Latino Literature from California (2003), Blue Arc West: An Anthology of California Poets (2006), Latinos in Lotusland: An Anthology of Contemporary Southern California Literature (2008) and Pow Wow: Charting the Faultlines in the American Experience: Short Fiction from Then to Now (2009). He is the author of the novel, Calle 10 (1996) and two chapbooks of poetry; the later being Land of a Thousand Barrios (2002). A new poetry collection is forthcoming from Bilingual Review Press. He teaches in the English Department at Sacramento City College.


—Dewell H. Byrd

kitchen spotless
oven pre-heated
ingredients laid out
dates chopped
spices measured
flour sifted
eggs cracked
pan greased

date bars baking
pleasing aroma

oops, two eggs
left over

poetry critique group
yummy munchies

compliments galore
recipe requested

scrambled eggs
for breakfast.


—Dewell H. Byrd

We sprawled across a quilt
in front of her fireplace,
playing phonograph records,
laughing nervously...
on a Sunday afternoon.

Her mom brought popcorn
and iced tea.
Her pop cleared his throat
behind the newspaper...
on a sunny afternoon.

We talked of school
and classmates,
she had just turned thirteen
and I, plus two...
on a glowing afternoon.

She draped her silk scarf
across my face
as I held her hand
and traced quilt patterns...
on a flaming afternoon.

I pledged that moment
to protect this angel,
lovingly, forever,
from guys like me...
on a loving afternoon.

Now with weathered hand
I trace a quilted face
and listen to the music
from granddaughter's room...
On a Sunday afternoon.


—Dewell H. Byrd

Inside my vessel of endless days
I search the nooks and crannies
of yesteryear.

The memory of my first love
butterflies a teasing dance.
Mirages mingle.

Was it in the fat-egg month of June
when the moon drapes a cloud
across its face?

Was it where a lonely country lane
touches my road and the mailboxes
keep silent vigil?

Geese glide where crumbs of her laughter
linger like bubbles.
Ah! The river... The swimming hole...

When twilight fills my empty day
she moves to me, a flower's golden song,
warm honey.

Little by little memory diminishes
and any way I play this game ends as it began: with love.


Today's LittleNip:

—Dewell H. Byrd

sea and sky fused in crimson
song of surf loving the land
a wild rose robed in spring
diamond dew on currant leaf
whirr of quail lifting my step

this is a day to wear.



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