Thursday, January 15, 2009

On The Flyway

Photo by Katy Brown, Davis

—Donald R. Anderson, Stockton

I long for the paper-clip walls,
the juvenile records stapled to ceilings,
the huge writing pens that clumsily scroll
their signatures in a guest-book at
some artsy hangout of San Franciscan dreams.
I want to slide on downtown
and pick up a record for five cents,
to peruse zines openly in mainstream stores
as if it were as natural as apple pie.
I long for that sunset, I want to go where
that sun and ocean meet,
watch it melt into the snow.
All green forests ablaze with magic,
I long for a new, different tomorrow
that that we will have.
I am journeying towards the imagination,
towards the big dreams,
in hope that some of the magic
will rub off on this callous real world.
I am journeying down many roads.
I've journeyed down your road once,
but that was long ago.
I am journeying down many roads.


Thanks to Donald Anderson, Kevin Jones and Mitz Sackman (still hooked on etherees!) for today's poems, and to Katy Brown and Steph Schaefer for the pix. Keep the Road poems/pix/artwork coming!

Speaking of The Road, many of our avian friends are also on the Pacific Flyway this time of year. The Bee had an informative article last week about the four refuges within driving distance, and recently on my trek from PPines to Sac, I've seen hundreds of Canada geese settled in at the El Dorado Hills golf course. Trigger any more "road" poems?

Mitz Sackman writes: You really hexed me last week with [the Seed of the Week] Your Favorite Sin; since then the "Seven Deadly Virtues" song from Camelot has been running pretty much non-stop in my brain... and I have not seen the show in 40 years!

Which leads to a surprise giveaway: write us a poem about The Seven Deadly Virtues (according to the song, they're courage, purity, humility, honesty, diligence, charity and fidelity) and I'll send you a free copy of Danyen Powell's new rattlechap, Blue Sky Flies Out. Unlike for SOWs, there is a deadline for this: Monday, Jan. 19 at midnight. E-mail 'em to or snail to P.O. Box 762, Pollock Pines, CA 95726. [If you, too, want to brave the hex Mitz is talking about, you can google up the song and hear it performed on Broadway. You can even get it as a ring tone for your cell phone!]

Another Deadly Sin poem, this one from Marie Ross:

—Marie J. Ross, Stockton

Green with envy a sin of wish,
she has a voice that brings tears.
I feel emotion yet vocal cords hide
in the walls of my throat.
I open my mouth to sing, tones jolt
like earthquake, and screech like tires
burning tar.
I feel emotion swell, yet her songs are
married to angels, passion is fiery and
And I steam in a room of jealously, wish
in sin of green.


Additions to this week's calendar:

•••Friday (1/16), 8 PM: Junkyard Burlesque will perform at Luna's Cafe, 1414 16th St., Sacramento. Joining Brady McKay (vocals, guitar, percussion), Steve Bird (upright bass and show-stealing vocals!) and Patrick Grizzell (vocals, guitar and harmonica) will be Daryl VanDruff on drums. Luna's, well known for its contribution to the poetry and music scene in Sacramento, serves great Mexican food, beer, wine, sangria, and their trademark licuados all evening. We recommend getting there early, having a nice meal and claiming a good seat. The place can fill up fast. Admission to the event is $6, American. The phone number for Luna's is 916-441-3931. (And speaking of rattlechapper Pat Grizzell, be sure to catch him reading his poetry with B.L. Kennedy at the new Time-Tested Books reading series on Sunday at 6:30 PM. That's at 1114 21st St., Sacramento.)

•••Saturday (1/17), 8-9:30 PM: An Evening of Poetry Connected to California's Landscape and Flora, presented by the California Native Plant Society at its 2009 Conservation Conference: Strategies and Solutions. Poets Linda Niel, Kirk Lumpkin and Susan Kelly-DeWitt will read, followed by an open mic for original nature poems. Sacramento Sheraton Grand Hotel, 1230 J St., Sacramento. Free. Info: or 916-477-2677.

B.L.'s Drive-Bys: A Micro-Review by B.L. Kennedy:

by Silvia Kofler
Unholy Day Press
1800 W. 39th St..
Kansas City, MO 64111
72 pp, trade paperback, $14.95
ISBN 978-0-9816711-0-9

Silvia Kofler is a language-oriented poet with a remarkable talent for the pun. I enjoyed this read—not as much as I had originally thought that I would after having read about it in SPR (Small Press Review) but, never-the-less, had a very relaxed read. There are some poems in this collection that I truly love; poems such as “The New Con Fable,” “Trash-Barrel Warriors,” and “Mopp” are just a few wonderful examples. If you are a hardcore poetry nut, then go out and buy this book. If not, then there is always inner-library loan.

—B.L. Kennedy, Reviewer-in-Residence


—Kevin Jones, Fair Oaks

Jack and Neil
Cruising east
On Hwy 50.
A sign: Pollock Pines.

Jack—Wanna stop
For lunch?

Always liked those
Sausages, the
Oompah, oompah
Music too.

Think we’re talkin’
About some sort
Of fish here, Neil,
Not ethnic

Whatever, Neil
Monotones, punching
The pedal closer
To the floor.

Jack, on the other
Hand, always
Pined for
He knew or met.


—Mitz Sackman, Murphys

Whizz by
On their way to
Places I don’t know about
I sit here wondering
What impels them on their way
What waits for them at journey’s end
What joys their traveling brings to them
While I sit musing in my chair alone


Today's LittleNip:

—Kevin Jones

Mean it.


Photo by Stephani Schaefer, Los Molinos


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