Sunday, July 15, 2007

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Margaret Ellis Hill and her Dad

(for my father at 91)
—Margaret Ellis Hill, Wilton

The afternoon wanes.
Twilight’s nearly here.

I watch the sky change—
colors of orange sherbet
meld into pink hues
topped with cream clouds—

a good enough dessert
to keep you here with me.


Thanks, Peggy. Margaret Ellis Hill writes to say that her dad will be 92 years old today! Unfortunately, the two of them returned from a cruise with various illnesses; Dad has been in the hospital and remains there for now, though he's doing better.

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(Dance of Veils)
—Margaret Ellis Hill, Wilton

Is it you, Salome that dances
a new choreography—a play of orange veils
around firs, the sultry weave
through lodge-pole pines and spruce?

It must be your red scarves that lick geysers
rising to color the sky,
yellow and hot blue silks play with oaks, purple gauze
aiding the topography of striptease.

The wind wails accompaniment from warped lutes
clanging cymbals and sajat,
the long kahool, the "Harook!” of elks’ exodus,
a continuous "skree, skree" of hawks.

Will a thousand severed pines and spruce
served to you on a platter soothe your black heat?
I wonder if you give any thought
to the tenacity of seeds.

(This poem won the Appaloosa Fusion Poet Contest, Sept, 2003, and was
selected for the Ina Coolbrith Anthology, 2005.)



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