Sunday, April 15, 2007

Our Bravery in the Face of It

Photo by Jane Blue

—Jane Blue, Sacramento

Every missive from my sister is a weather report.
But how are you, really?

The sky is busy catching the sun's rays
on its castled clouds, hiding and revealing the sun.

Lichen-encrusted limbs on the sidewalk,
a nest cast out of a tree, half done or half undone.

What am I? Half done or half undone?

Ash-blond grasses streaked with a little gray
are wound into the walls of a basket, or a chignon.

It seems a robin's nest, or an attempt at one,
with just a twig at the bottom where there should be mud.

The robin, liking water, shores up a tight little ship.
We all have a good bit of mud

woven into our lives, to remind us
of what we've weathered. Did the nest cushion

two or three little robin's-egg-blue ovals last year,
or was it just a failure in the stormy spring?

She thinks sometimes that her life is a failure.
No life is a failure, it is life. Think of your bravery

in the face of it. Eye-blue forget-me-nots
look up from the lawns. Yellow oxalis—a weed

covers empty lots like sunshine. We are weeds,
my dear, like turf daisies and dandelions

and the pale lavender stars of wild onions just beginning.

(from Turf Daisies and Dandelions, Rattlesnake Press 2006)


Thanks, Jane! Jane Blue will be reading next Saturday, April 21 at 2 PM at the McClatchy Library on 22nd Street in Sacramento (between U and V Sts.). For more about Jane and her poetry, go to and find her new page in the Rattlechaps section.


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