Monday, May 22, 2006

Disconcerting Themes, plus Po-Events 5/22-28

[The strange doors of sleep]
—Richard Zimmer, Sacramento

He travels across bridges that lead nowhere.
He’s deep in a dream...

He walks the streets of unfamiliar towns.
What does this mean?

He talks to nameless people he meets.
This is more than it seems...

Always searching for some lost thing.
Why such disconcerting themes?


Thanks, Richard! Why such disconcerting themes, indeed...

Here's another disconcerting theme, from Taylor Graham:

AT THE ZOO, A.D. 2184
—Taylor Graham, Somerset

A child points, What’s that? It’s a bird,
the father says. A Robin. It can fly, but
it has to flap its wings. I remember
a poem in school about Who Killed
Cock Robin, and just look, here he is.

I move on, passing the Endangered Species
Wall, and the Extinct. Hawk and Warbler
from a century ago. Porpoise and Whale
that slipped away. Orangutan, Antelope,
Shark and Otter, Bullfrog, Horse and Bear.

At the mammal cages, a Domestic Cat
in ancient Pharaoh profile gazes down
at me, indifferent as a household tabby
on a window-sill, if this were 1984. But
in these modern days, who keeps cats?

And here’s the Dog, a brownish mutt
heir to hundreds of dead breeds. He drops
his bone and comes to the fence as if
to beg, like that old picture of a puppy
at the Pound. Oh please oh take me home.


Yikes! But thanks, TG!

•••Tonight (5/22) at 7:30 pm, Sacramento Poetry Center will host a contributors' reading for the new issue of Susurrus, Sacramento City College's annual prize-winning literary journal for student works. Readers will include Tony Caselli, Donna Lee, Ted Yannello, Mike Bezemek, Brian Northere and others, with special appearances by SCC's own Jan Haag and Danny Romero. That's tonight at HQ, 25th & R Sts., Sac.

•••This morning (Monday, 5/22), for seniors
(if you get rollin' in time), a Think Postcard! workshop will be held at Hart Senior Center, 915 27th St., Sac., 9:30 a.m.

•••Wednesday (5/24), there will be a Hidden Passage Poetry reading from 6 to 7 pm at Hidden Passage Books, 352 Main St. in Placerville. It's an open-mic read-around, so bring your own poems or those of a favorite poet to share—or just come to listen. (Yes, that’s the bookstore with the skeleton under the floor…)

•••Thursday (5/25), Rattlesnake Interviewer-in-Residence B.L. Kennedy will host Joyce Jenkins and Richard Silberg, editors/publishers of the Bay Area's Poetry Flash, at 8 pm at Luna's Cafe, 1414 16th St., Sac. Info: 916-441-3931. Watch for Bari's upcoming rattlechap, The Setich Manor Poems, to be released June 14 at The Book Collector, along with a littlesnake broadside interview of him ("A Conversation with B.L. Kennedy"). Not to mention his action-packed "The BL 418 Buzz" in the next Snake, due out in a couple of weeks...

•••Also Thursday (5/25): a Spanish poetry recital contest in the Little Theater of the Woodland High School, 21 North West St., Woodland, 6-8 pm. Free. Info: 530-662-4678 (ext. 515).

•••Also Thursday (5/25): Flo-Real and Malik-speaks present "Vibe Sessions Neo-Soul Lounge" at The Cobbler Inn Soul Food Restaurant, 3520 Stockton Blvd., Sac., 8 pm. $5. Info: 916-457-6177.

•••Saturday (5/27): The Show Poetry Series features Prentice, K and Shanine-Ambercrobie, 7 pm at the Wo'se Community Center, 2863 35th St., Sac. $5. Info: 916-445-7638.

Did somebody mention Snake 10? As usual it's gonna be full of hot poetry, hot tips, hot articles, and more hot poetry from writers such as these today and many more—including some from Sutterwriters, as well as from a gaggle of folks in the Tahoe region whom the Snake hasn't heard from before. Here's another sample (and another disconcerting theme), this time from Pat Pashby:

—Patricia A. Pashby, Sacramento

Keep an eye peeled near tall grass,
fallen logs, marshes and other hideaways.

Poke with your cane to warn the reptile
that you are tramping through his lair.

Wear loose clothes and thick high boots
so he will break his fangs instead of your skin.

Shine a light in front of you at night
while reading aloud from Rattlesnake Review.


Well, hmm. Maybe that would work... Thanks, Pat!


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