Monday, January 02, 2006

Until It Puts Itself Right

—R.S. Thomas

The fox drags its wounded belly
Over the snow, the crimson seeds
Of blood burst with a mild explosion.
Soft as excrement, bold as roses.

Over the snow that feels no pity,
Whose white hands can give no healing,
The fox drags its wounded belly.


—Tom Goff, Carmichael

I’ve never known the snow as perfect snow.
It looms too high up, a summit shock of ice
blurred driveby in the windshield of our car,

or purls downhill unseen too far below,
dissolved of identity, endangered witness
run off to shiver somewhere new-named and far.

But every so often we stop. A fresh snow-oasis!
Diamantine, near-iceless dust, translucent.
Only the bluest shadows taint the ascendant
sun-mote white that forms the drift’s deep basis

and sinuous skin. Then we dismount and play,
no, horse around scuffing up embankment skirts
and roadside rime. Our snowstick fingers hurt,
stung crushing out harsh edges, fisting blades.


Ambivalence about this weather, snow or not, which I share. Thanks, Tom; you've put it nicely.

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—May Swenson

Cat takes a look at the weather:
puts a paw on the sill;
his perch is piled, is a pillow.

Shape of his pad appears;
will it dig? No,
not like sand,
like his fur almost.

But licked, not liked:
too cold.
Insects are flying, fainting down.
He'll try

to bat one against the pane.
They have no body and no buzz,
and now his feet are wet;
it's a puzzle.

Shakes each leg,
then shakes his skin
to get the white flies off;
looks for his tail,

tells it to come on in
by the radiator.
World's turned queer
somehow: all white,

no smell. Well, here
inside it's still familiar.
He'll go to sleep until
it puts itself right.



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