Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Hansens: They Don't Make 'Em Any Better

Mary Zeppa's reading last night was excellent! Mary is such a fine reader and poet; the packed house at The Book Collector was totally charmed! Of course, that was due in part to Richard Hansen.

Richard is a very solid contributor to the poetry scene in Sacramento, not only providing a venue for readings (and lately it seems like there is a reading at TBC every week!) but by serving on the Board of the Sacramento Poetry Center. Unfortunately, Richard has had to resign from the Board due to his plate spilling over with other activities. It's obvious, though, that Richard has a great love for our poetry community, and will continue to serve in many capacities—not the least of which is providing a Home for the Snake. Thanks, Richard and Rachel, for putting a roof over the head for the Rattlesnake Reading Series and books. (Go on down there and say hey to R & R and little Ru—and while you're at it, pick up a copy of Snake 6 and of Mary's The Battered Bride Overture, now available.)

Here's a poem from Tiger's Eye co-editor Colette Jonopulos. Tiger's Eye: A Journal of Poetry is always looking for submissions, both for the journal and for its bi-annual contests. Visit them at or contact them at for more information.

Into the Woods

The wood nymphs, decked with

daisies trim. John Milton

He studies her toughened

heels, small feet that

brought her to these woods,

this tent of old-growth

trees weary from months of

rain and lack of light. “So

rough,” she says to tree’s

flared trunk, the tips

of her fingers raw from

touching. He wants to lay

an altar in front of her, a silken

scarf or striped prayer

shawl, pine needles gathered

at its center, blue fire

ringing its edges. He watches

her eyes (the color of bark),

her tensed legs prepared to

flee his cage of furtive need.

He does not know her

boundaries, the words that

might unravel her hair, so

he captures resin droplets,

smears the balm along the

smooth blade of her

shoulder, curve of her hip,

course edges of her heels.


Thanks, Colette.