Out of the mouths of poets—
Here are some links to interviews and other poet-phernalia:

•••Archived interviews from Linda Field of Manzanita Poets Press:

•••Sacramento's Laverne and Carol Frith, long-time Editors of Ekphrasis, talk about poetry and their lives as poets: 

•••Wonderful article on the venerable San Francisco poetry institution, Haight-Ashbury Literary Journal:

•••Andy Ross, who was the owner of Cody’s Books in Berkeley for 30 years, has become agent. His blog, “Ask The Agent” is linked to The New Yorker. Andy has just interviewed Sacramento's Mary Mackey; you can read the interview at:

•••Speaking of Mary Mackey, Trina Drotar also has an interview with her; see

•••Click here for Kel Munger's SNR interview with Josh McKinney about his new book, Mad Cursive:

•••An interview with Ellaraine Lockie, author of Wild as in Familiar, was recently aired by Montana Public Radio on their weekly show, "The Write Question." See

Got an interview online? Send us a link and we'll post it here.